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Does a Horizontal Leg Tank really need Hoops or Bands?

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 17, 2017 12:23:35 PM / by Matthew Firth posted in Horizontal Leg Tanks, Pin Mount System, Horizontal Tank Facts

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A horizontal leg tank is used primarily for transporting liquids from one location to another. These liquid types include fertilizer, salt brine, water and livestock feed. Some of these liquids can be considerably heavy, due to the material that they contain. That's why a proper mounting system is critical for your safety. We get this question a lot. So, I did a some interesting research to find out what the real facts are.
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What we learnt from our crazy Pin Mount System test [Video]

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 10, 2017 10:56:41 AM / by Calvin Symington posted in Durability Test, Horizontal Leg Tank, Pin Mount System

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These Pin Mount™ transport tanks are a 'one of a kind'. Trust me, there is a valid reason for that. Unlike the traditional hoop systems that have been used for years, the Pin Mount™ system doesn't require a frame around the tank to secure it. Instead, it uses a steel pin through a molded hole in each leg. These pins then bolt down through the trailer bed. The Pin Mount™ system is less expensive, more secure, and also eliminates wear points on the tank that occur with the hoop system.

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Quick Guide: How to Mount a Horizontal Leg Tank

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 16, 2015 7:45:00 AM / by Matthew Firth posted in Horizontal Poly Leg Tanks, Pin Mount System, How To Tip

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Quick Guide How to Mount a Horizontal Leg Tank.jpg

Mounting a horizontal leg tank can be complicated if you don't have the right tools. This guide will show you the best method to save you as much time as possible. If you don't mount your tank correctly on your trailer bed, safety can be an issue. Because these tanks are transporting heavy liquid, the mounting pins on the tanks take all the stress. That's why we need to make sure you do it properly.

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