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Pro Tips: Choosing the Right Size Tanks For Your Spray Trailer

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Choosing the right tanks and components for your tender spray trailer will save you a lot of money. It will help make better use of your trailer deck space while hauling as much liquid as possible. There are a lot of styles, shapes and sizes of liquid transport tanks available. In this article, you will quickly learn how to match your requirements to the right tank. After speaking to many farmers and growers, we have learnt what tanks work best for different spraying applications.

Why this Tank Doesn't Need Hoops or Bands:


Types of Tanks That Work on a Tender Spray Trailer

Before choosing a tank for your tender tank trailer, its important you understand all the options available. This will allow you to choose the right poly tank for your application.

Flat Bottom Horizontal Leg Tank:

These horizontal leg tanks have a flat base. They are mounted to the trailer at the base of the tank.

  • Capacity: 100 - 4,500 gallons.
  • Dimensions: The largest tank is 179" L x 95" W x 84" H.
  • Shape: Low profile and long. Have a flat base.
  • Cost: MSRP $368 - $7,890 USD. *These prices may change.

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Sump Bottom Horizontal Leg Tank:

These horizontal leg tanks have a sump in the bottom. These are the most popular choice because 100% of the liquid can be drained from the tank. The shape of the base channels all the liquid to the center where there is a sump. Because these shape tanks have a sump base, they must sit on a frame or custom shape trailer bed.

  • Capacity: 100 - 3,200 gallons
  • Size: The largest tank is 145" L x 97" W x 84" H.
  • Shape: Low profile and long. Have a sump in the base.
  • Cost: MSRP $508 - $6,460 (These prices include frames for the sump) *These prices may change.

Sump Bottom Horizontal Tank Drawing.jpg

Pro tip: Although flat bottom vertical tanks can be close to half the price of horizontal leg tanks, they can be extremely dangerous. This is because the only way to mount them to your trailer is strap them down from the top. When braking, the base of the tank can slide along your trailer. Horizontal leg tanks are mounted at the bottom.

Pro Tips: Choosing the Right Tank/s for Your Spray Tender Trailer

There are four questions you must answer to ensure you choose the right tanks for your spray tender trailer.

  1. How much space do you have - If you are adding horizontal tanks to a trailer that you already own, you must consider how much space you have. If you want to haul chemical totes or even your sprayer on the same tender trailer, you may only have room for one tank.

    Pro tip: The most popular sized tank for a spray trailer is 3,200 gallons. This particular tank has a footprint size of 145" L x 97" W.

  2. What liquids will you be hauling - While this will help you decide what color tank to get, it will also help you choose whether you need a flat bottom or sump bottom. If you are hauling more than one type of liquid, you will need to thoroughly drain your tank to avoid mixing chemicals. You will need a sump bottom tank to do this.

    Pro tip: If you are planning to haul water, you must get the right color tank. Choosing a black horizontal leg tank will stop algae growth. This is because it blocks out the sunlight.

  3. Do you have weight restrictions - Learning what size tanks to choose, can depend on your trailer axle weight restrictions or even state laws. To learn more about weight restrictions, click here.

    Pro tip: If you are wanting 2 horizontal tanks on your semi-trailer, we would suggest a 3,200 and a 2,800 gallon. This is a perfect weight that is legal in most states.

  4. What size is your sprayer - Knowing what size tank is on your sprayer, will help you choose the right size tanks to make you more efficient. Below is an example of how many acres you can spray with if you have an 800 gallon tank on your sprayer. 

    Example: If your sprayer has an 800 gallon tank and you spray at 10 gallons per acre, that is a total of 80 acres per tank. If you have a 3,200 gallon and a 2,800 gallon horizontal leg tank, you are carrying a total of 6,000 gallons of liquid. With this capacity, you can fill up your sprayer 7 times. That is a total of 560 acres of spraying with one spray tender trailer. JD_539637_protectiveparts_764x302.jpg

Now that you know how to choose the right size tanks for your spray tender trailer, it's time to plan your mixing and plumbing configuration. To view ideas on how to set up your tender tank trailer, read this helpful article that has been constructed from real customer feedback.

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