Water Storage & Rain Harvesting

3 Ways to Eliminate Algae Growth in Water Tanks

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[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 10, 2017 8:31:15 AM / by Calvin Symington posted in Eliminate Algae Growth in Water Tanks

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Water storage is becoming more and more important to the environment. Water is the most important natural resource we have, so harvesting and storing rainwater to preserve it, is a must. One of the most common problems you will run into when storing rainwater is the algae growth in water tanks . The presence of algae growth in water tanks will make your harvested water nearly unusable. Algae is a bacteria that can carry toxins that are harmful to animals, humans and plants.
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NSF Approved Water Storage Tanks: Is this important?

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[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 22, 2016 9:25:39 AM / by Calvin Symington posted in Buying a Water Tank

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Water storage is a growing concern in the United States. In fact, in some states laws make it mandatory that farms and ranches must have a supply of potable water on hand at all times. This has created a demand for NSF approved water storage tanks across the country.
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