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Enduraplas Horizontal Tank vs 30 Ton Crane

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[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 10, 2017 9:56:41 AM / by Calvin Symington


These Pin-Mount™ transport tanks are a 'one of a kind'. Trust me, there is a valid reason for that. Unlike the traditional hoop systems that have been used for years, the Pin-Mount™ system doesn't require a frame around the tank to secure it. Instead, it uses a steel pin through a molded hole in each leg. These pins then bolt down through the trailer bed. The Pin-Mount™ system is less expensive, more secure, and also eliminates wear points on the tank that occur with the hoop system.

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Now that you know the you know how durable these Pin-Mount™ horizontal tank are, it's time to learn about how they are mounted to your truck bed. It is a very simple process that anyone can follow. 


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Calvin Symington

Written by Calvin Symington