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How to tell if your Nurse Tank Trailer is DOT Approved

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[fa icon="calendar"] May 12, 2017 7:00:00 AM / by Matthew Firth

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Let's face it, the Department of Registration or DOT is here to stay. Complying with their laws and regulations can sometimes be tricky as little details can easily be overlooked. Everyone would admit that getting pulled over by a DOT official is annoying and a waste of time. To help prevent this while pulling a nurse tank trailer full of liquid, I decided to make a simple list of all the essentials needed to ensure it is DOT approved.

DOT Approved: What You Need on Your Nurse Tank Trailer

If you are driving your nurse trailer on highways without one of these items, you should be concerned. These must-haves will keep you out of trouble if a Department of Registration officer pulls you over.

Your Nurse Trailer Must Have...

  • Lights in required location - The DOT has strict rules that explain where they have to be.Lights.jpg
  • DOT approved axles with brakes Axles & Brakes.jpg
  • Fenders Fenders.jpg
  • DOT approved hitch Hitch.jpg
  • DOT approved wheels & tires Wheels & Tires.jpg
  • Reflective tape Reflective Tape.jpg

Pro tip: Your nurse trailer must be under 102" wide.

I hope this list above helps you understand what you need to ensure your nurse tank trailer is DOT approved. If you have any questions about why these items matter, add a comment below and we will answer it.


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