Fuel Boss™ Durability Test: We Proved a New Level of Tough

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Poly fuel transfer tanks are often viewed as much weaker than the traditional steel or aluminum fuel transfer tank. We discovered they're anything but. Proving the durability of the Fuel Boss™ took several extreme tests that even we were worried about. In this Durability test video, you will quickly discover how this poly diesel transfer tank can endure the harshest conditions.

How We Tested the Fuel Boss™ Transfer Tank

We conducted several tests to make sure this fuel transfer tank was as tough as we thought it was. Each test focused on the strength of the tanks structure. Watch the videos to see it for yourself.

Video: Enduraplas vs Loader

Video: Enduraplas vs Pickup Trucks

Each durability test explained:

  1. Crow Bar Test - We took a crow bar and threw it at the transfer tank sidewall several times. This was to show how hitting the tank with tools in the back of your pickup won't hurt a bit.
  2. Sledge Hammer Test - This involved slamming a heavy sledge hammer on the pump cover and tank. This test was to see how tough the outside of the pump cover and tank was.
  3. Drop Test - We dropped the fuel transfer tank from about 15 feet in the air. To do this we used a loader and lifted the tank to full height.
  4. Crush Test - This involved taking the loader bucket and pushing down on the tank until the front wheels of the machine came off the ground. This showed how the structure of the tank can withstand a lot of pressure.
  5. Road Test - When going 35 mph along a road, we pushed the fuel transfer tank off the back of the pickup bed. The tank skidded, rolled and tumbled for over 20 feet.
  6. Push Test - This was truly the grand finale. We placed 2 pickup trucks face to face and put the transfer tank in between. The trucks than drove forward to see how the tank would stand up to this immense pressure.
To discover more details on how these poly refueling tanks compare with steel tanks, read the article below.

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