5 Handy Tips From Farmers that Spray with a UTV Sprayer

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After speaking to a lot of farmers and growers that own a UTV sprayer, we have learned many handy tips that I would like to share with you. As utility vehicles steadily take the place of ATV's or four wheelers, the demand for UTV sprayers has grown. The main reason for this is, Utility vehicles can carry a lot larger sprayer which means more spraying with one fill.

UTV Spraying: 5 Handy Tips from Farmers

Here are some smart ways to use your UTV sprayer. These 5 examples or tips have come from farmers that rely on their equipment to help them be more efficient.

  1. Spraying field corners - Sometimes field corners are hard to reach with a large sprayer. Farmers use UTV sprayers to reach these areas. This ensures the entire field gets covered properly. Spraying corners.jpg
  2. Spraying near waterways - Near water ways the soil can get very soft and soggy. Instead of spending a whole day pulling your high wheeled sprayer out, you can spray with a much lighter sprayer using your UTV. Spraying near waterways.jpg
  3. Spraying in wet conditions - Because a utility vehicle is much lighter than a large self-propelled sprayer, when the soil is wet you can still spray. Read the story below about a farmer that proved this. Wet field spraying.jpg
  4. Spraying around power lines and center pivots - With a large self-propelled it is hard to spray close to a poll or center pivot. Having a UTV allows you to easily and quickly spray those areas. Spraying near polls.jpg
  5. Spraying on rough terrain - UTV's are great for rough terrain. When weeds grow on hills, with a boomless nozzle you easily reach those rough areas. Boomless sprayer.jpg

A Real Story from a Real Farmer

We had a customer in Illinois that used his UTV sprayer when it was too wet to pull out his high-wheeled sprayer. This is what he said.

"I Finished the job without ruts and the corn is sprayed before more heavy rains tonight. I wouldn’t be without one of these on my farm." - Josh Lofton, Cobden, IL 


Knowing these tips will help you understand how to save more time when spraying on your farm or ranch. Although there are many other applications where a UTV sprayer is handy, these are the most popular. If you have any other tips for spraying with your UTV, you can make a comment below. We would love to learn about how you use your utility sprayer.


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Written by Calvin Symington

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