Choosing a Chemical Sprayer Pump: Everything You Need to Know

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Choosing a Chemical Sprayer Pump

There are a range of different pumps to choose from when setting up a sprayer. Trying to spray using a pump that isn't fit for your application can be inefficient and frustrating. So, which one do you need? We have a range of pumps that we’re going to go over and we’ll make recommendations for each one so you can make an intelligent decision for which pump to use on your sprayer.


What's in this article?

  • What types of chemical sprayer pumps there are
  • Recommended pumps for different applications
  • Why we recommend these pumps


Different Types of Chemical Sprayer Pumps

Pump Type Popular Brands General Price Range 
PTO Delevan  $175 - $1,100
Piston Commando $130 - $600
Diaphragm Bertelini, A.R., and Comet $500 - 2,500
Centrifugal Ace Poly Pumps $50 - $750
12 Volt Electric (Diaphragm) Delevan $30 - $450


Recommended Pumps (by Application)

Spraying Application Recommended Pump Sprayers With This Pump
Boom & Spot Spraying Centrifugal Pump by Ace Poly Pumps

Field Boss™ 365 and Tow Lynx™ 365

Orchard, Fenceline, Livestock, Tree Spraying

Diaphragm Pump by Bertelini

Field Boss™ Xstream and Tow Lynx™ Xstream

Boom & Spot Spraying (Quiet & Emissions Free)

12V Electric Pumps by Delevan Field Boss™ EcoLite, Tow Lynx™ EcoLite and Pro Series

Turf & Lawn Spraying

Diaphragm Pump by A.R. Pro Master™ 580

Tall Tree Spraying

Diaphragm Pump by Comet

Pro Master™ 725

Tractor Spraying (Boom/Spot)

PTO Roller Pump by Delevan Land Champ™


Why We Recommend These Pumps

Here we are going to do a deeper dive on some specific pumps that we would recommend and explain the best use for each one as well as why we recommend this pump.

  1. Diaphragm Pump by Bertelini: This one has high pressure and low volume. Where this pump performs best is with tree spraying because it will give you excellent distance and height to be able to reach high. It is excellent for orchard, fence-line and livestock spraying, allowing you to get good pressure without huge volume so you can create a consistent mist covering your livestock or foliage. This pump could also be used for boom spraying if you didn’t require a large amount of volume through your nozzles.
    Diaphragm Pump by Bertelini
  2. Centrifugal Pump by Ace Poly Pumps: This one has medium pressure and medium volume. Where this pump shines are with boom spraying as well as spot spraying. The mid-range pressure and volume together give you a full, consistent output from your nozzles on even a large 30-foot boom. For spot spraying it will give you good flow and consistent coverage from your spray wand to evenly cover your weeds.
    Centrifugal Pump by Ace Poly Pumps
  3. 12-Volt Electric Pump by Delevan: They are available in three different flow rates. Seven, four, and two gallons per minute. These have medium pressure, and low volume. Strong points for these, are quiet spraying, ease of maintenance, and no fumes. The main usage for these would be with boom spraying and spot spraying. For boom spraying we would recommend the seven gallon per minute pump which will give you good pressure and flow for a small to medium sized boom. For spot spraying any of these three will give you good pressure and coverage with an easy to use ‘grab n go’ setup.
    12V Electric Pumps by Delevan
  4. Diaphragm Pump by AR: with five hundred and eighty PSI. This one has high pressure and low to medium volume. Where it is most useful is turf and lawn spraying as well as tree and shrub spraying. The high pressure will get you good coverage on your lawn and excellent distance with tree spraying.
    Diaphragm Pump by AR
  5. Diaphragm Pump by Comet: This is a 725 PSI pump with extremely high pressure and medium volume. This pump would be your ultimate unit for tall tree spraying where you need extra pressure to reach extreme heights with decent volume.
    Diaphragm Pump Comet
  6. PTO Roller Pump by Delevan: This is a 300 PSI pump with high pressure and low volume. It hooks to your PTO shaft for use with your tractor and works great for doing boom spraying and spot spraying when you are using your tractor for this purpose.
    PTO Pump Roller by Delevan

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Different pumps have varying effects on how your sprayer performs for different applications. Having the right pump on your sprayer will make you much more effective when spraying and can even make spraying enjoyable. I trust you have found this post helpful. For more helpful info about chemical sprayers and spraying, visit to our YouTube channel or subscribe to our blog at the bottom of the page. To shop a variety of quality sprayers, visit our sprayer page. You also can find your local dealer on our website.


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