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How to Choose the Right Equipment for Liquid De-icing and Anti-icing

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[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 31, 2019 2:34:14 PM / by Jim Arnot

How to Choose the Right Equipment for Liquid De-icing and Anti-icing

When you’re procuring equipment for liquid deicing, you can’t take any chances. When using it, you’re on a tight timeline in freezing temperatures and you need to perform. Here are some things to make sure of when deciding on equipment for de-icing.

Liquid Application Equipment

1) Simplicity & Timeliness:

  • Simple Design: The less complicated the design and operation is, then less training is required to operate it. This will help you be more efficient and minimize breakdowns on the job.1.-Simple-design
  • Name brand components: Having equipment with premium name brand components will increase the likelihood that they are available locally for timeliness when you need replacements.1.-name-brand
  • Fast fill system: Having a quick way to hook up and fill your tank in minimal time will no-doubt increase your efficiency.1.-fast-fill

2) Longevity

  • Corrosion free: Using corrosion free components like stainless steel & poly makes the unit last longer and stay cleaner.2.-corrosion-free

3) User Experience: Ease of use for providing quick service

  • Easily adjustable boom mount: Having a boom mount that is quickly adjustable to the exact height you desire gives you more control of your application.3.-easy-adjust-boom
  • Fork points: The ability to easily move your unit with forks is a must have. This will save you much time and energy.3.-fork-points
  • Fully drain-able tank: Having a sump bottom or fully drainable tank is essential for completely draining your tank during seasonal storage or if you need to switch out the liquid.3.-fully-drainable
  • In-cab controls: Having a solenoid control kit running into your cab is essential to stay comfortable and in top performance during those cold hours on the job.3.-in-cab-controls
  • Side output port: An output port to easily fill a sidewalk sprayer makes life simple and easy.3.-side-output-port

4) Consistent Application

  • Pump Filtration: A quality inline filter mounted to the suction side of the pump will avoid nozzle plugging & inconsistent spray patterns.4.-pum-filtration
5) Safety
  • Hi-vis: A bright or highly visible unit will maintain safety.5.-hi-vis
  • Surge control: Baffle balls will majorly increase the stabilization of the vehicle and make it transport like a fixed load. 5.-surge-control


Liquid Storage Equipment

1) Longevity

  • Corrode Proof Material: Stainless fittings & tank material will keep your tank corrode proof, increasing the safety and longevity of your storage.01-corrosion-free
  • 10-Year Warranty: It's simple. Get an awesome warranty. At Ice Master Systems all tanks come with a whopping 10 year warranty (free of charge).1.-Ten-year-warranty

2) Safety

  • Robust Structure: With design like the Strong-X™ roof & Ribbed Wall™ tank walls you know you're safe storing liquid brine with no worries.2.-Robust-Structure

3) Ease of Use

  • Fully drain-able tank: Definitely get a tank with a sump bottom so you can fully drain and clean your storage tanks. 3-full-drain
  • Light colored tank: A lighter tank will give you the ability to easily see the liquid level in your tank without having to check through the lid. Quick and easy.3.-light-coloured-tank
  • Lifting lugs: Having lifting points on the top of your tank makes it much easier when you are installing your storage tanks.3.-Lifting-Lugs

Pro tip: Check with your local authorities for approval on storage requirements!


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