Boomless vs Boom Spraying: How to Decide

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Boomless-vs-Boom-Spraying How to Decide

The question is often asked, "should I get a boom or go boomless on my chemical sprayer?". This is important to consider and worth putting thought into. In fact, there is not a yes or no answer. It is important to consider things like what type of spraying you will mostly be doing and when you usually spray.

What is boomless or boom spraying?

A boomless sprayer generally has one or two nozzles that can be pointed out sideways or tilted slightly up and spray out further achieve coverage. A boom sprayer typically has multiple spray tips spread out along both boom arms with even spacing and are pointed straight down towards the target.

What are the advantages for each method?

Just like when you compare anything else, there advantages to using each method. We'll discuss the advantages of each, and some may apply more to your specific spraying needs. Here are the highlights of both boomless spraying and boom spraying.

  • Easier to maneuver
  • Less maintenance (time and money)
  • Easy to monitor while spraying
  • Smaller: Easier to store
  • Less effected by wind
  • More accurate spraying (better coverage)
  • Minimize excessive overlapping


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When to use each method:

Let's talk about different spraying applications. Each application has different requirements for spraying most effectively. Below we'll recommend the best applications to use each method.

  • Ditches and rough/uneven ground
  • Around objects like poles, fences etc.
  • Orchards and pastures with trees
  • Overgrown areas
  • Woods/Trails
  • For mosquitoes around your yard
  • Field Spraying
  • When there is a slight breeze
  • Food plot forages
  • Even/level pastures


What should you choose: Boom or boomless?

Obviously, this depends on your specific spraying requirements. I would say if you have a good mix of different types of spraying applications, go with both. Yes, it's that simple. On the Enduraplas Field Boss™ UTV sprayer you can attach both boom and boomless nozzles at the same time and use them interchangeably.

It seriously is the best solution for a versatile chemical sprayer that will give you the best results in a cost-effective manner. It will allow you to save money by being the most effective with whatever specific application you are spraying in each different time. That said, if you are just doing one type of spraying, I would choose whatever method suits you best based off the recommendations we've made above.

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