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Why is Using Liquid Brine Important? [1 of 10]

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[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 13, 2019 8:04:48 AM / by Phill Sexton

Why is using liquids important

Although the topic of liquid brine is gathering some momentum, there are still a lot of questions about it. Isn't liquid brine bad? Does it even work? How do I use liquid brine? In this post you will learn the importance of using liquid brine for the snow and ice management industry.

Liquid Brine Takes Effect Immediately

So first I want to clarify that what liquid brine actually is, is rock salt in a liquid form. The rock salt that we need to react must react to moisture first, and then it converts to a brine before it starts taking effect. Would you rather apply liquid brine and have it take effect immediately or apply rock salt and wait 30-45 minutes for it to convert to a brine and then take effect?



Liquid Brine is More Sustainable

When you use salt in the liquid form, it allows you to apply it more accurately and therefore use less salt. So, let's look at the question "why is using less salt so important"?

The way I like to frame that is through the principals of sustainability. Think of sustainability as two sides of the same coin: environmental and economical. So, less salt (depending on who's buying it or who's using it), just means less material. Less material means less cost.

Less material (salt) means less impact on:

  • Infrastructure
  • Properties
  • Environment

When we think about it in terms of economics, there several benefits. On the economic side of the coin are:

  • Less material costs
  • Less times applying
  • Better service

If something (in this case liquids) enables you to be more efficient, then why wouldn't you do that? So, the point on why using liquids is so important is that is enables you to be more efficient and use less material to get the job done. This means using liquid brine for snow and ice control is more sustainable than using rock salt.

I hope you have found value in this article on why using liquid brine is important and trust it has helped you in your journey to using liquids as a tool in your operation. To shop our variety of liquid brine sprayers, visit our website. Feel free to comment below with any questions.


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Written by Phill Sexton

I am the founder and CEO of WIT Advisers. I am a veteran of the winter and landscape management industry. As a technician, manager, executive and company owner, my growing concern about the environmental impacts of my trade and evolving interest in sustainable best practices led me to developing my company. I enjoy sharing best practices about how to control snow and ice more efficiently.

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